How Laser Hair Removal Works


Whether this is your first experience or you're already familiar with laser hair removal, there's a good chance that Beam's approach is different from what you're used to. Continue reading below to see what you can expect on your first visit to Beam Laser Spa.

Getting Started With Laser Hair Removal

1.Receive Test Patch

During your free consultation you'll receive a spot test in an inconspicuous area. This will help us determine the appropriate level of laser intensity for your treatments.

2.Wait 48 Hours

To make sure you don't have any adverse reactions to the laser, we recommend waiting 48 hours before beginning any additional treatment.

3.Book Treatments

Once we've confirmed you're a good candidate for laser hair removal you can begin booking sessions for your treatment!

Our Laser Hair Removal Technology

Beam provides FDA-approved gentle and effective laser hair removal at competitive pricing. We utilize the latest and most sophisticated laser technology, which allows us to safely and effectively treat clients of all skin tones.

Beam’s laser of choice is the GentleMax Pro, made by Syneron-Candela. This laser is FDA-approved for “permanent hair reduction”. The GentleMax Pro is a dual-wavelength (both Alexandrite and nd:Yag) laser that gives remarkable results that our clients can enjoy with the speed of light.

Because our laser has a superior cooling device in the form of a cryogen (cold gas) blast, the surface of the skin is cooled while the active hair follicles are destroyed, minimizing any discomfort. Beam prefers this method of cooling as it will make your treatment much faster and less messy than using the laser systems that use gels.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

The laser's wavelength is set to a custom value to complement your skin type, minimizing irritation and adverse side effects.

Our lasers emit a short burst of cryogen gas to minimize any discomfort the laser may cause.

Hair growth takes place in three phases but laser hair removal is only effective during one, the Anagen phase.

The melanin present in hair follicles during the Anagen phase helps the follicles attract heat from the laser effectively.

The beam of light from the laser is absorbed by the hair follicle in the form of heat, weakening it to the point of inactivity after a few treatments.

Since not all hairs will be in the Anagen phase at the same time 6-12 sessions are necessary to adequately remove hair from the target area.

After 6-12 laser hair removal sessions 4-12 weeks apart, more than 80% of follicles will no longer produce hair, with the remaining follicles producing hair that is much lighter and finer.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ section for additional details on Beam's approach and how laser hair removal works!