About Us

Founded by Brazilian sister duo Andréa and Liza Young, Beam is New York City’s premier boutique laser hair removal spa.

At Beam, our clients experience the most sophisticated laser hair removal technology, combined with knowledgeable and impeccably attentive service that is specifically customized to their own unique skin type. Beam’s FDA-approved laser hair removal technology can safely and effectively treat New York City laser hair removal clients with exceptional results.

The Beam Difference

Beam’s philosophy is to move away from the trend of “revolving-door” service “factories”, and towards consistent, personalized care. At Beam, all laser hair removal treatments are performed by superbly trained and expertly appointment NYS-licensed estheticians, who are all certified laser hair removal specialists. Beam’s tailored services, impeccable follow-up and high standards of quality have become a favorite of discerning clients, and is a welcome haven to its loyal and savvy clientele.